Radiant RG-CELL’s Cosmeceuticals provide stem cell support of the first magnitude. Unlike other skin care lines on the market which use plant stem cells to improve the skin, Radiant RG-CELL uses cytokines to turn on cell support messengers in the skin, create healthy new stem cells and trigger the migration of dormant cells to areas of damaged skin. Radiant RG-CELL is a high-performance skincare regimen offering an incomparable combination of growth factors, peptides, unrefined oils and highly active botanicals with antioxidant properties. Each ingredient interacts synergistically signaling increased cellular activity for renewed collagen, elastin and other essential skin proteins. The result is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, restored balance, radiance and suppleness. With just three letters – DNA – we can solve an anti-aging puzzle and reverse the appearance left by aging on the skin. If DNA becomes damaged, and is not repaired properly, then cell division can cause replication errors and thus mutation and/or the cell may die. This can lead to various disorders such as prematurely aged skin. By repairing your skin’s DNA, you can naturally tighten up sagging skin, remove wrinkles on your face, and de-age your skin to look and feel younger. In skin care, messengers can send a signal to stem cells in the skin teaching them to regenerate. These stem cells can receive messages to create proteins, carbohydrates and lipids to help repair fine lines, wrinkles and restore and maintain firmness and elasticity. Using scientifically proven stem cell supportive ingredients, mixed together with anti-oxidants and other anti-aging ingredients, our products were scientifically proven to improve collagen synthesis and improve skin cell viability. Leading to stronger skin and better functioning skin cells.
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Skin cell turnover takes approximately 20 days when we are in our 20s but as we get older this turnover can be 30 days or more. Supporting stem cells during this process stimulates the fibroblast production of collagen, increasing firmness and elasticity. The result is reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, healthier younger looking skin.

What Do Peptides Do for the Skin?

You have probably at least heard of peptides or perhaps you’ve seen them listed on product packages, but you may have no idea what they actually do, and why should we use them in the first place. As mentioned above, collagen production in our skin slows down over time. But how do peptides help?

Think of peptides as tiny cellular couriers to our skin cells, sending messages that enable them to communicate more efficiently. Peptides work a bit more like “signals” which alert your skin to trigger the healing process. And when the skin heals itself, it’s going to create more collagen for making repairs.

Typically, peptides decrease by the classic aging factors in our environment. These include UV damage, stress, smoking, and free radicals. For those with premature aging in the skin, peptides can help alert it to create more collagen. That can help restore the skin barrier and promote plumpness.

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