Alcohol effects on skin

It is estimated that over 50 percent of the over-21 population takes a drink at least once a month. That is a fairly staggering number. While hangovers and drunk driving are some of the commonly discussed repercussions of drinking too much, you should also consider the overall alcohol effects on skin and your health. You just may be surprised at both the long and short-term affects of drinking too much.

There are properties in some alcoholic beverages that can actually be beneficial. For instance, red wine has both antioxidants and resveratrol. But, alcohol itself also dehydrates the body, so it is important to consume only moderate quantities. To offset the dehydration effects of the alcohol, “space” your drinks with a glass of water.

Dehydration is actually just a short-term consequence of drinking. Other symptoms can last much longer. For instance, have you ever seen a habitual drinker that is always flush in the face or that suffers from an eternal red nose or cheeks? This is because the alcohol dilates blood vessels and causes “spider veins” (hence the look of being flush all the time).

There are more significant worries for those that drink a lot of alcohol on a regular basis. Some other problems that can be caused by over-indulging are:

• Dark spots on the skin

• Chronic dry skin

• Skin infections

• Liver damage

• Jaundice

• More susceptible to UV rays

To treat the temporary effects of alcohol, you can use moisturizing and rejuvenating products. This may help camouflage the fact that you were out late the night before, but it is far from a cure for over indulging on a regular basis. This would require professional help, such as counseling, therapy, and/or rehab.

Keep in mind, some of these conditions may not show up right away, especially for younger adults. However, over the years, the abuse will take its toll on your skin, just as it would for someone that goes out into the sun on a daily basis without properly protecting his or her skin. It may seem as though you go to bed one day with perfect skin and then wake up the next day showing the long-term effects of heavy alcohol consumption.

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