Anti-Aging Tips to Fight Off Father Time

It always seems as though people wake up one day and Father Time has caught up to them. All those years of baking in the sun, smoking, or drinking will eventually take their toll, even if you look great right now. We would encourage you to not only live a healthier lifestyle, but also to take preventative measures with these anti-aging tips.

• Exfoliation – this should be part of everyone’s skin care regimen. Exfoliating strips away not only dead skin, but also skin dulling debris and oils. Exfoliating prior to applying your anti-aging products will also allow them to penetrate deeper into your skin layers, providing better results.

• Sunscreen – use it early and often. If for some reason you are not yet using sunscreen when you go outside, start! You also need to realize sun damage occurs during all seasons, not just summer. People often make the mistake of thinking that just because it is not hot outside, the sun is not doing their skin any harm. Always put sunscreen on when you are spending time outdoors. Ingredients to look for in sunscreen are avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide.

• Skin Care Isn’t Just About the Face – another common mistake, only worrying about buying and using products that concentrate on the face. Other areas of your body will also show signs of aging, such as your neck and hands.

• Choose the Right Makeup – certain types of makeup will dry your face out and accelerate the aging process. For instance, powder-based makeup can strip away moisture. You also need to be careful not to apply too much makeup, even liquid or cream-based makeup. If you are unsure of how to do this, make a trip to a local beautician for a consultation on makeup and how to properly apply it.

• Night Time Treatments – when is the best time to apply anti-aging treatments? At night, when your body is shutting down and recovering from the stress of the day. How often have you gone to bed completely exhausted with aching muscles only to awaken fresh, recharged, and pain free? Apply your treatments after you exfoliate at night and right before you head to bed. This will allow the products to work when your body is completely relaxed and stress-free.

• Use Serums – serums can be more expensive, but they are one of the most effective anti-aging treatments available. They contain concentrated amounts of the most effective ingredients in skin care. Also, realize that you literally only need to apply a small bead, meaning a single ounce of serum will last as long as several ounces of non-serum anti-aging products.


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