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A dot, a dab or a dollop? When applying skin care products do you know how much is too much? Find out the exact amount of skin care products you really need with each application, so you get bang for your buck and reap healthy rewards from a proper skin care routine.

As the year begins to wind down, the cooler temperatures can also trigger the onset of dry irritated skin and with the holidays fast approaching, our stress levels can really go through the roof! Just like in our everyday lives, stress can have an adverse effect on our skin.

As a longtime sufferer of acne, I have spent a countless number of years trying to find a product that A) wouldn’t dry out my skin and B) was relatively natural. One would think that in today’s market, there would be plenty of these. But to my dismay, I was left with the commercial products that didn’t do much preventing, only short term diminishing. At one point during high school, my break outs would get so bad that it started to affect my social life. I didn’t want to go out or even go to school. What makes acne even worse is its not only the physical aspects that make it horrible, but the painful cysts, and itchy spots as well. It wasn’t until I discovered RG-cell’s Phyto A Solution and Cleanser that my face started — almost immediately — clearing up!