Avoiding and/or Treating Crow’s Feet

If you ever want to upset a woman, mention her crow’s feet! I can already feel the cringe on every woman’s face that is reading this. It is almost as though this is the official alert that Father Time is winning the battle against aging. Well ladies, we are going to teach you how to fight back and beat the old man at his own game!

Start Protecting Your Eyes Now!

It is never too early to start protecting the areas around your eyes. The skin in this area is very thin, as you probably already know. Because it is so thin, it is particularly vulnerable to the effects of the sun and is extremely delicate. The sooner you start paying attention this area the better likelihood of beating back the natural, visible effects of time all over your face! A collagen building, peptide rich skin regimen goes a long way in improving volume in these problem areas.

If you smoke, stop It!

Have you ever had a friend that worked in a tavern or some other “smoky” atmosphere? Have you ever heard someone say it seemed as if this person showed up for work one day and just looked “old”? Well, smoke doesn’t actually age someone overnight, but the cumulative effects of this type of environment will promote premature aging. So, when you find yourself standing in a smoke-filled room with 20 other people trying to get your “nicotine fix”, remember the damaging effects it has on not only your overall health, but also on your skin.

Stop Squinting!

So, here are your choices:

1. Keep squinting so you don’t get raccoon eyes or,

2. Wear sunglasses that protect your eyes and help stop crow’s feet

How does squinting accelerate crow’s feet? Every time you squint, you are creating muscle contractions around your eyes. These contractions, over time, will create crow’s feet. Sunglasses are essential!

Use Sun Protection

Yes, we have said this before and we are going to say it again -always wear sunscreen! In addition to wearing sunscreen, wear a sun protection hat. While you may remember to use both when you are on the beach, are you also wearing sunscreen and a hat when you are out in the yard playing with the kids? How about your lunch walk around the office parking lot? What about that glass of wine you like to enjoy out by the pool in the backyard Saturday and Sunday afternoon? Keep a bottle of sunblock, a pair of sunglasses and a hat by the door as a friendly reminder to use them everytime you go outside.

Develop a Good Skin Care Regimen

There are enormous benefits to developing a good skin care routine. As we get older it should become a daily habit. Moisturizing should be a no brainer, especially during harsher weather conditions. You must also incorporate products that help defy the passing of time, such as those rich in essential peptides and antioxidants. There are a LOT of great products on the market (we sell some ourselves!) that can help you specifically address crow’s feet and keep that young, beautiful appearance that shows you are winning the fight against Father Time.



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