Beauty Tips for Face Cleansing – The Right Way to Cleanse Your Face

Cleansing is an essential part of your daily skincare routine and keeps your skin radiant by removing old surface skin cells, bacteria, dust, smoke, residue and make-up that clogs the pores and makes skin dry, dull and lifeless. While cleansing your face, appropriate products and proper technique are very important for healthy skin.

The face is the only part of the body exposed to the elements all day long. Our highly polluted environment riddled with dirt and impurities, variable temperatures and sun exposure, are a constant threat all around us. In order to fight this daily assault on our skin, it is necessary to establish a daily cleansing ritual. Skin care experts say a few tips and healthy skin care tricks, compliance with certain rules and choosing the right product will help you protect and pump up the radiance and healthy looking glow in your face.

How to Choose the Right Face Cleanser?

Choosing the right face cleanser is important in order to avoid irritating your skin and to provide for its specific needs. Cleansers play an important role in the health of your skin by keeping your skin fresh and renewed. If you have normal skin, you have the liberty to experiment with various products. However, while choosing the right cleanser may sound overrated, it is important to pick up a product formulated for a sensitive skin to avoid irritation or dehydration.

A skin cleanser that would work for all skin types is one that should not have a lot of soap in it. Studies show that people who wash their faces with soaps are 50% less protected when they go out in the sun because soaps strips the lipid barrier on our skin.

[frame src=”” link=”” target=”_self” width=”250″ height=”293″ alt=”Face cleanser” align=”left” prettyphoto=”true”]Moreover, everyone has different skin and there is no miracle wash that works for all skin types, but there is a cleanser fundamentally formulated for every skin. RG-Cell®’s Phyto A Cleanser has been reviewed by world leading dermatologists, and beauty experts, and was found superior to hundreds of other products. Reviewers called it a “Natural Blemish Therapy” due to its use of ingredients of natural origins which help to remove debris, impurities and excess sebum and give a clean, refreshing sensation to the face. This may help open up your pores, helping the cleanser’s ingredients such as salicylic acid to better enter your pores to combat things like blackheads and other blemishes. It also comes formulated with Algae extract (high in anti-oxidants and vitamins), and Aloe (protects the skin from UV damage, stimulates fibroblast cells that manufacture collagen, as well as acts as a moisturizing, cleansing and detoxifying agent) along with the citrus extracts of Pummelo (Chinese grapefruit), and Coconut for deep repair and for reducing inflammation.

It reduces and isolates acne, plugged pores (blackheads and whiteheads), deeper lumps (cysts or nodules), redness and inflammation associated with acne, causing skin cells to slough off more readily and prevent pores from clogging up.

Best Ways to Clense the Face

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Wash your hands before you cleanse your face. When cleansing the face never use water that is too hot or too cold. Lukewarm is the ideal temperature of water when cleansing the face.

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Apply a small amount of the TimeSlip RG-Cell®’s Phyto A Cleanser. Apply it on your face and rub some gently onto the face with your fingertips or squeeze some of the cleanser into a washcloth or gauze pad and then apply it to the skin.

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Cleanse from the neck up to the hairline in a circular motion. Make this massage extra for forehead and t zone. These locations are more prone to holding oil and dirt. For a thorough cleanse, you should spend around 3 minutes massaging the product into your skin.

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The final rinse is a key step in facial cleansing. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water. Repeat this until you remove all cleanser.

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Last, apply your moisturizer, and/or use the RG-Cell® Concentrated Restorative Skin Serum. It features a unique proprietary blend of stem cell activators programmed to protect your skin and visibly fight aging at the cellular level.

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Use twice-a-day, once in the morning (to remove oil, bacteria, and pillow-grime) and once in the evening (to remove makeup, sunscreen, bacteria, dust, smoke and pollution) is more than adequate for any skin type.

Do not forget to use only quality cleansing products such as Phyto A Cleanser and other skin care products from the RG-Cell® Cosmeceuticals range of products.


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