Are you interested in using Radiant RG-CELL Cosmeceuticals in your business or retailing our products to your clients? As your partner, we will be by your side to support and guide you on your way to success in your business, and help you to fulfil your customers’ desire for radiant, clear and healthy skin from the inside out.

Radiant RG-CELL is a leading provider of highly effective skincare products that combine the wisdom of nature, and the advancement of science. All our products contain ingredients that are well known skin cell regulators that rebuild the skin from its deepest layers.

Our products are proudly made in the USA in a cGMP compliant, FDA registered and ISO 22716 certified personal and skin care manufacturing facility. Our collaborators come from cutting edge laboratories, and our formulas are known for providing immediate and outstanding results. Our exclusive custom formulations come from a team of inspired and imaginative experts who bring an individualistic sense of creativity that reflects in our products – giving our providers a brand that is a cut above the competition. With expertly designed products, fabulous results and luxurious skin care options to offer your clients, you will see an increase in customer trust, loyalty, satisfaction and higher retention rates.

We use this information to connect with our wholesale locations and create a relationship based on aligned values. We select only a handful of highly qualified new accounts. This assures us the ability to follow up carefully with continuing education, marketing support, and business growth.


On skin care products and regimens for potential higher earnings


Quick customer response from specialists in our US offices


Images, banners, and brochures are available at no additional cost


Consult with our certified estheticians, scientists and skin care experts

Radiant RG-CELL is also very interested in working with new distribution partners and private label customers. If your company is interested in the distribution or the private labeling of our products, please call us at (877) 840-6100 or fill out the application form.

We support small businesses and for this reason, our order requirement start small and comes at a very reasonable price. We also offer flexible options for ordering. Whether you are an esthetician who desires to use the products in the practise or a larger distributor, we offer flexible pricing options that suits your budget.

All new U.S. accounts must have a federal tax ID and resale tax ID. Please take a few minutes and fill out online application. You will be notified once you are approved. If you do not have a tax ID or have any questions regarding the status of your application, please contact or call us at (800) 506-0665

Our products are 100% FREE of: Artificial colors, parabens, sulfates, gluten, and phthalates. Many products are also vegan. Our professional (low pH) products are also specifically designed for use in professional treatments, by physicians or licensed skin care professionals.

Radiant RG-CELL products may not be sold on the internet without prior written approval. Retailers may not offer Radiant RG-CELL products on any other third party websites, including bidding or auction style sites, regardless of whether a bid pricing formula or fixed pricing formula is used. Products sold to approved retailers are for resale at retail only and may not be redistributed or sold at wholesale.

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