We see many individuals treating wrinkles on their face while ignoring other areas of their body, like their neck. Skin on the neck ages much like the skin on your face, so why would you not want to incorporate an anti aging regimen for your neck as well as your face?

Middle age… a term that brings a shudder up and down the spine of men and women alike. But, for women, it also means that menopause is right around the corner. While the symptoms can be mild for some, they can be quite dramatic for others. Regardless, it will affect the skin of virtually every woman that is going through this stage of her life.

Stress…this is something virtually everyone has to deal with in their life. For some, the smallest and most trivial of things can get you upset. For others, things roll right off your shoulders, but eventually there is something that sets you off. Regardless of how long things take to get you to that point, once you are there, it affects your body both inside and out.

Most us have at least one friend that seems to be able to eat just about anything he or she wants and never gains a pound. While his or her metabolism may be in overdrive, it still does not offset the effects of a diet that is unhealthy. Yes, your physical health is affected by your diet, but so is your appearance. If you want that glowing complexion, it is time to put down the burger and doughnut and start eating a healthy diet.

Before you ever start a skin care regimen, you should know your skin type. This will help you add the right products to your daily routine. Once you have determined the type, it will be much easier to buy products and/or treat certain conditions that may occur. Generally, skin falls into five categories: combination, dry, normal, oily, and sensitive.

The term “elastin” is used regularly on skin care sites. Heck, we are guilty of doing that ourselves. Wrongly, we sometimes assume everyone knows what we are talking about. Well, over the next few days, we are going to take the time to educate and explain some of the terms we use so you have a bit more understanding of the information we are providing and the products we offer.

Today, one of the hottest “types” of products in skin care is a serum. Companies, including RG-Cell®, have created serums for skin care that offer numerous benefits to your skin. But, how do they work? Just what exactly is a serum compared to other formulations of skin care products? Is it applied in the same way skin care products as moisturizers are applied?

After discussing elastin, it is only appropriate that we discuss collagen next. If there is a protein that is more important to your skin than elastin, it is collagen. While elastin provides the skin with the ability to “snap back,” collagen literally holds the skin together. In addition, collagen is largely responsible for the texture and appearance of skin.

While acne is most commonly associated with teens, more and more adults are beginning to suffer from it later in life. Whereas acne was once considered a “coming of age” for teens, there are numerous reasons someone may have to deal with adult acne. Let’s take a quick look at this skin condition and its causes.

It is no secret that you need to protect your skin against UV rays to prevent skin cancers and other skin conditions. There are two obvious solutions to this problem: stay out of the sun and/or use sunscreen. However, there is another solution and it is one that we have mentioned here, albeit it briefly, in several posts…wearing a sun protection hat.