Do Stem Cell Skin Products Really Contain Stem Cells?

Do Stem Cell Skin Products Really Contain Stem Cells?

Many cosmetics and skin care manufacturers are hailing and proclaiming the inclusion of actual stem cells in their products. Several offer the use of stem cells in skin care lines as a supplement to the aesthetic medical treatment offered at clinics. These treatments promise rapid wrinkle reduction and younger looking skin within days, by claiming to actually deposit plant, animal or fat (adipose) stem cells into the deepest layers of the skin.

Many leading scientists agree that the science is far from complete. There’s a significant amount of research and development that needs to happen before we really know the benefits of using actual animal or plant stem cells. We still do not know the most efficient way to incorporate them from an external source, into aesthetic procedures and anti-aging products, that makes them effective enough to actually do anything. Stem cells, after all, do not have a shelf-life, therefore it is important for consumers to note that no over the counter skin care products or lotions contain actual stem cells. Research scientists have not yet developed a method for keeping stem cells alive for this purpose.

There are even some scientists who cryogenically store the cells for preservation and future application but the cost is too prohibitive for the average consumer and there isn’t enough research on how this will work and the effects this would give. One can now take the fat out of one’s body, withdraw the stem cells, and then mix the underlying proteins of the cells together with skin; an accomplishment that is not easily achieved and it’s unclear how long the effects will last.

The more that scientists look into the use of stem cells, the more regenerative properties it seems they are able to provide. However, the procedures that the cosmetics industry can currently provide for their clients are far from quick, easy or affordable.

[quote_right]The more that scientists look into the use of stem cells, the more regenerative properties it seems they are able to provide.[/quote_right]There are 2 ways in which stem cell technology branded skin care products have being used. Firstly, products with plant derived stem cells which, when applied topically on the surface, have been said to help protect the human skin stem cells from damage. There’s no doubt that plant stem cells are necessary for plants. But how they benefit human skin is much harder to understand. Apple stem cells work for apples. Melon stem cells are perfect for melons. Plant cells are a good source of nutrients to human skin, but have no other benefits.

Secondly, are products that use with human derived adult stem cell technology. This method produces product designed specifically to regenerate and rejuvenate your own skin cells. The “hero” ingredients are the growth factors which are extracted from the stem cells. These growth factors derived from human stem cells, when applied to the skin, stimulate collagen production, improve elasticity, firm sagging skin, improve tone and so much more. They cause our own stem cells to go to work. Personal stem cells contain the individual’s actual DNA and are easily recognized and integrated into the same body they originated from.

This is the technology used by the EGF contained in RG-CELL. Obtained by genetic engineering technology (microbial recombinant) it is totally identical to human natural EGF, known in the industry as “BEAUTY FACTOR”, and boosts and regulates stem cell proliferation. Because of its recombinant technology it is extremely safe.


[frame src=”” link=”” target=”_self” width=”200″ height=”200″ alt=”RG-CELL Stem Cell Skin Care” title=”RG-CELL Stem Cell Skin Care” align=”left” prettyphoto=”true”]RG-Cell offers a Concentrated Restorative Serum, which contains a powerful proprietary blend of skin conditioning growth factors (messenger molecules) and antioxidants. These ingredients penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin’s structure. They awaken our own dormant stem cells, teaching them new tricks on how to differentiate, proliferate and migrate to areas of imperfect and aging skin. This renewal process protects, conditions and restores our skin thereby, delaying the onset of age related skin damage. The scientific studies behind using this method of regenerating old stem cells through the use of growth factors can be found on our website at research page.

RG-Cell retails for $99.99/bottle (1 month’s supply). To ask about our discounted auto-ship options, please call 800-805-0207.

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