Does Menopause Accelerate the Aging of My Skin?

Middle age… a term that brings a shudder up and down the spine of men and women alike. But, for women, it also means that menopause is right around the corner. While the symptoms can be mild for some, they can be quite dramatic for others. Regardless, it will affect the skin of virtually every woman that is going through this stage of her life.

Menopause and Skin

When a woman is going through menopause, she is experiencing a dramatic change in her hormones. For instance, there is a decline in B-Estradiol. This directly affects the aging of the woman’s skin. This is but one of many changes that will occur during this period.

Testosterone is unmasked during menopause. So, women may start to see an oiler complexion as well as facial hair. This unmasking is caused by lower levels of estrogen being produced. In addition to oily skin and facial hair, the reduction in estrogen also leads to less “fat” throughout the woman’s body. This “fat” that is generally spread throughout now tends to “gather” in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

The loss of the fat throughout the body will now cause sagging and wrinkling. Women will start to experience sagging breasts, looser skin under their arms and chin, as well as differences in their hands and neck. They are also now more prone to damage from UV rays and may start to see age spots appear on areas of their body that have been exposed to sun over the years.

A major concern by dermatologists and skin care professionals for women at this stage of their lives is the damage that can be done to their skin by the sun. Because melanocytes are reduced due to the decreased levels of estrogen, the skin will begin to lose pigment, making it appear lighter as the woman ages. For this reason, someone that may not have felt the need to sunscreen in the past will now be required to wear a much stronger SPF (for the best protection, you should use an SPF 30+).

Most women will dramatically change their skin care routine as they get older, especially during and after menopause. There are numerous anti-aging products on the market that can help you fight back against some of these symptoms. For instance, the RG-Cell® Concentrated Restorative Skin Serum will help “renew” your skins elastin to give a more youthful appearance. If you would like more information about this product or want to place an order with RG-Cell®, click here.


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