Mens Skin Care: Choosing the Right Razor

You may not see as much focus by advertisers for mens skin care, but nowadays, men are just as concerned about proper skin care as women. While you may not see the Don Draper’s of the world rushing off to find the best moisturizing products, there are plenty of “metrosexual” men interested in fighting off premature aging and everyday skin care.

What Type of Razor Should I Use?

Men generally have three options when it comes to choosing razors: disposable, electric, or straight. The type of shaving cream or lotion you prefer, your skin, and convenience will help dictate the best razor for you. Let’s take a quick look at each option to find out what will work best for your daily shaving needs.

Disposable Razors

Today, disposable razors are more popular than ever. One of the biggest draws for using disposable razors is in how convenient they are to find these days. In fact, there are at least two companies offering home delivery service on a monthly basis now. The variety available today is almost overwhelming. You can still get a bag of BIC razors for a few dollars or you can spend more and get high-end razors with moisturizing strips and trimmers.

Pros of Disposable Razors:

• Easy to find

• Convenient

• Plenty of options

• Inexpensive

Cons of Disposable Razors

• Some of the cheaper brands do not offer a “quality” shave

• Cheaper razors can create razor burn

Electric Razors

Offering the ability to shave on the go, electric razors are a huge draw for some men. Whereas disposable razors are easy to find for travelers, your favorite electric razor can be packed and taken with you. While there is a significant investment for a quality razor, they will generally last for years.

Pros of Electric Razors:

• Convenient

• Offer a quick shave on the go

• Cordless options allow for even more mobility

• Usually include accessories for grooming

Cons of Electric Razors:

• Can be pricey

• Can be irritating to skin, especially when first starting to use one

• Need periodic cleaning and lubricating

Straight Razors

Some guys just like a good “old fashioned” shave. What could possibly be better than a straight razor just like the one the barber used to use on dad? This is not something for everyone and if you do use one, you will need to be careful because they are sharp!

Pros of Straight Razors:

• Offer a much closer shave than disposable or electric razors

Cons of Straight Razors

• Can be difficult to care for

• Requires blade “prep” after and before shave

• May need to be trained how to properly use one

• Can be very expensive

• Can be difficult to find


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