Skin Care Tips for Skiers

When summer arrives, the Internet is flooded with information about proper skin care to prevent early aging and skin damage. But, what about skiers? Winter season is often overlooked in the skin care “advice” arena and this is a big mistake. Winter conditions are just as dangerous to your skin as the strong summer sun.


Winter Concerns for Skin Care

While we love those cool summer breezes, winter wind is dreaded. This wind will not only “chill you to the bone,” it can also severely dry out your skin and lips. The low temperatures combined with high winds make it even more important to use proper moisturizers and revitalizing products after a long day outside.

The sun may not feel as strong as it is the summer, but it is just as dangerous. Most of us will remember our mother’s warning about the danger of the sun’s reflection off the water. Well, the same can be said, actually more so, of the sun’s reflection off the snow. It is estimated that ten to fifteen percent of the sun’s UV radiation reflects off the water, while that number increases to approximately 80 percent off the snow.

In addition to your “exposed” facial areas, you will also want to protect your hands in cold weather. Hands become easily dried out and chapped in this type of weather, making it even more important to use daily moisturizers and/or rejuvenation products.

It should be understood, but we are going to say it anyway, that sunscreen is necessary if you are going to be outside during the winter. As mentioned above, the reflection off the snow is far more dangerous during the winter than the summer, so use the appropriate sunscreen based on your skin type and expected length of exposure. Higher rated sunscreens may not offer more protection, but they will often last longer (for instance, technically, a 50 is not more effective than a sunscreen rated at 100, but it will be thicker and should stay on the skin much longer, especially in more harsh conditions).

Recommended Products for Winter Skin Care

After a long day in the winter winds and sun, you have probably felt a burning sensation on your skin even if you are not sunburned. Our All Natural Ceramide Infused Moisturizer can help rejuvenate your wind-burned skin and attract moisture to the damaged areas. This will help repair the skin and offer some relief to that wind-burnt sensation.


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