Skin Cell Turnover And Why 5 Day Wrinkle Creams Do Not Work

We’re just going to put it out there: The majority of “anti-wrinkle” products available on the market today, simply do not work! Some procedures do, but, the fact remains –it is scientifically impossible to rejuvenate aging in skin, using a topical product, in less than 2-4 weeks.

To understand this statement, one must first understand the life span of a skin cell. In infants it is approximately 100 days. In young adults it can be about 50 days. By the time you are in your 40s this process happens more rapidly, shortening the cell’s life span to approximately 28 days and your skin’s ability to keep up and make new skin fast enough, slows down.

In skin care, “Cell Turnover” is the term used to describe the constant shedding of dead skin cells and the subsequent replacement with younger cells. Just like aging took it’s time so will skin cell rejuvenation. No matter what a product promises to do, it cannot be reversed overnight.

Your epidermis (the outer, protective, non-sensitive layer of the skin) is continuously making new skin cells. The new cells are at the bottom of the epidermis, and the oldest cells are at the top. The old cells at the very top layer are actually dead. This however, makes them sturdy and strong. Which is why it does a good job protecting the body. In adults, it takes 2 weeks to 4 weeks for new cells to migrate to the top of the epidermis. As this process occurs, the oldest cells flake off and newer cells take their place.

Effective treatments should positively influence each stage of this process. They should send messages to our stem cells, jolting them to wake up, proliferate and migrate to where they are needed to work and they should also maintain the effects of what proper functioning skin cells will do. These stem cell messengers are called cytokines (for e.g: EGF or Epidermal Growth factor) and are found in our RG-CELL Concentrated Restortive Serum and our RG-CELL Rejuvenating Nanopeptide Complex.

Effective treatments should also improve new collagen formation and at the same time, promote the attachment of fibroblasts to collagen fibers.

RG-CELL Concentrated Restorative Serum was shown in studies to improve collagen synthesis in in-vitro fibroblast cell cultures.

It has been well established that Vitamin C has been the gold standard for skin collagen synthesis stimulation with an increase up to eight-fold, according to Murad et al., 1981. Between Oct. 1, 2012 ~ Nov. 14, 2012. A study was conducted at Chonbok National University in South Korea, where in vitro fibroblasts cell cultures were treated with 1% Vitamin C in the control group and various concentrations of Timeslip RG-Cell serum in the study sample. Analysis for Collagen I and III synthesis were performed within 24 hours on both tested samples. The treatment group showed significant collagen I and collagen III synthesis in the study sample at a concentrations higher than compared with the control group containing Vitamin C.

Working synergistically with the serum, the Rejuvenating Nanopeptide Complex contains 15 Peptides including neuropeptides, copper peptides and penta-peptides. Peptides are the support structure for cells and help the skin to remain supple, elastic and youthful looking. You cannot afford to exclude them from your beauty regimen. They are essential components for stimulating collagen production in skin cells and will help to prevent the breakdown of proteins in the cell membranes.

Most importantly, all RG-CELL products contain ingredients of natural origins and avoid the use of harsh chemicals, drying alcohols and synthetic fillers. Every ingredient was chosen to enhance the effects of the high performing actives in the product and not simply to occupy space in the bottle. (View ingredients in Concentrated Restorative Skin Serum here and Rejuvenating Nanopeptide Complex here). Our ingredients are nano-encapsulated in a lipid sphere to ensure delivery to the depths of the skin where they are needed the most. Bear in mind, the products are concentrated, potent and science have shown they can be very effective. So, a little goes a long way! Initial results are seen typically after 2 weeks to a month and guaranteed to put your skin into a healthy maintenance mode for many years to come.


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