Skincare Advice for the Changing Seasons

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The transition from hot summer sun, days at the beach and long hours of sunlight make way for the return of sweaters, campfires at dusk, and pumpkin spice everything! It also means it is time to update your skin care routine because, what may have worked in the summer, may not exactly be the best bet for your skin in the fall. Not knowing how the cooler temperatures and the drier air affects your skin makes it trickier to give it the attention it needs.

Cooler weather can cause everything from blemish breakouts, to scaly dry patches all over the skin. It can even worsen some existing skin conditions. Skin becomes drier because of low humidity and cold air actually strips the moisture off your skin. One solution is to add more moisturizing products to your skin. Remember also to use a gentle cleanser that hydrates instead of drying the skin out (no bar soap!)

Skin can also become more sensitive as the temperature drops. Often the best solution is to do nothing at all, and give your skin a chance to build up its lipid barrier. Avoiding the use of potential irritants will enable your skin to focus on its other duties like improving collagen production. Refrain from using products containing harsh ingredients and avoid aggressive treatments. Exfoliate less often than you did in the summer. Give your skin a chance to breathe and resuscitate itself. For people with sensitive skin, we recommend focusing on the use of mild cleansers and a gentle moisturizer with pure, natural ingredients.

If you are a sun worshipper like so many of us out there, then chances are your skin may be suffering from sun damage. Sun damage up as dark spots and can accelerate the visible signs of aging. Adding a product with hylauronic acid to your routine to repair and renew the skin will help to reverse some of that summertime sun damage.
Something we take for granted when it comes to our skin, is the little known scientific fact that, cooler temperatures tighten the blood vessels and obstruct circulation in our skin. If your skin lacks proper blood flow, it looks pale and your complexion can actually look dull and sickly. Using antioxidant rich formulas fortified with vitamins like A, C and E to maintain your healthy glow with prevent the dullness that comes from sallow complexion.

Other Tips

Don’t use an abrasive exfoliator. Cold weather almost vacuums the moisture out of your skin. Go instead for a chemical exfoliator procedure, designed to minimize irritation or use a cream that contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

Your lightweight moisturizer is not enough! Use a thick luxurious moisturizer that contains ingredients that will bring water from the atmosphere into your skin, making it look plumper and firmer. RG-CELL Cellular Age Defense Moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid that smoothens and restores elasticity to your skin.

Use products that are rich in anti-oxidents. These will fight free radicals that break down collagen.

Skip the long hot baths & showers.
 High temperatures during the Summer cause your body to produce more natural oils, while the body slows down this oil production during the colder months. Hot water makes this lack of oil production worse because it strips the oil from the skin. Yes, it is relaxing -but if you must do it, make it a quick one.

Most importantly – always treat your skin to high-quality authentic Radiant RG-CELL Cosmeceuticals because when it comes to your perfect skin -a cheap knock off is never enough.


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