Stem Cell Treatment in Anti-Aging Skin Care

Stem Cell Treatment in Anti-Aging Skin Care

In the field of dermatology and skin care, finding the perfect anti-aging cream or serum has been one of the most elusive goals in the business. Over the past few years, multiple treatments have been presented and recommended for rejuvenation of the face, often times requiring extensive surgery and other invasive procedures. Now, with the advent of stem cell technology and a wealth of new research about how skin ages, a revolutionary new treatment option has emerged.

It tackles skin aging from the perspective of “Stem Cell Support”. The approach is to utilize a topical serum that has the ability to safely and efficiently penetrate the skin to the dermal layers where the stem cells reside. Once the ingredients in this topical serum can reach this dermal layer, the serum begins it’s magic. This mechanism of action, through the use of a serum, as been perfected by dermatologists and scientists in Korea and after over a decade of research and development, it is now available in the US.

Radiant RG-CELL Concentrated Restorative SERUM is anti-aging skin care treatment – and the only facial skin care serum in the world which utilizes ingredients that are scientifically proven to activate old and dormant stem cells naturally and safely, thereby, restoring your skin to a healthier, younger appearance.

It is the scientifically proven anti-aging skin care serum and it features a unique and proprietary blend of stem cell activators. It was especially designed to fight aging at the cellular level.

This revolutionary treatment will stimulate your skin’s own abilities to repair itself – and create a smoother, silkier, vibrant and younger looking skin, by taking advantage of the self-renewing nature of stem cells.

Radiant RG-CELL serum is able to enrich your own skin cells’ with a strong grow and divide signal composed of epidermal growth factors (EGF). The serum features a potent concentration of growth factors, state-of-the-art proteins, and other cutting edge ingredients, and is thoroughly formulated to produce age defying results.

Stem Cell Support Treatment: The Building Blocks for Skin Rejuvenation & Regeneration

While some skin care treatments show a marked reduction in wrinkles, the effects often may not last. Most other skin care products on the market have a tendency to puff the skin and give the appearance of wrinkle removal, only to find that within 1 or 2 days that they have returned to their previous state. Concentrated Restorative SERUM however, has broken the mold and taken a giant leap into the future using a proprietary blend of penetrating anti-aging messenger molecules to reactivate the cells you already have that need a little boost from nature and the core of healing, which lies in our stem cells.

Scientists show us that there are millions of “dormant” or inactive stem cells located in our skin. So the task is to get them out, wake them up, and have them migrate through the body to the point where they will get back to work repairing and re-energizing tissue.

Stem Cell Treatment in Skin Care – Human or Plant?

There are 2 ways in which stem cell technology branded skin care products have being used. First, products with plant derived stem cells which, when applied topically on the surface, have been said to help protect the human skin stem cells from damage. There’s no doubt that plant stem cells are necessary for plants. But how they benefit human skin is much harder to understand. Apple stem cells work for apples. Watermelon stem cells are perfect for watermelons. Plant cells are a good source of nutrients to human skin, but have no other benefits.

Second, but much more effective, are products that use with human derived adult stem cell technology. This produces a superior product designed specifically to regenerate and rejuvenate your own skin cells. The “hero” ingredients are the growth factors which are extracted from the stem cells. These growth factors derived from human stem cells, and when applied to the skin, stimulate collagen production, improve elasticity, firm sagging skin, improve tone and so much more.

This is the technology used by the EGF contained in Radiant RG-CELL cosmeceuticals. Obtained by genetic engineering technology (microbial recombinant) it is totally identical to human natural EGF, known in the industry as “BEAUTY FACTOR”, and boosts and regulates stem cell proliferation. Because of its recombinant technology it is totally safe.

These “messaging molecules” perfectly combined with other anti-aging ingredients communicate with your skin’s own cells and program them to act like they were much younger.

The result: reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, silkier, more vibrant and younger looking skin with just a few drops a day.

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