The Role of Growth Factors in Anti-Aging Skin Care

Every cell type in your skin secretes certain proteins known as growth factors. Growth factors are natural proteins in our body that are responsible for a variety of cellular activities such as cellular growth, proliferation and differentiation. They play an important role in maintaining healthy skin structure and function.

Growth factors are secreted by all cell types including keratinocytes, fibroblasts and melanocytes that make up the epidermis (what you see) and the dermis (what you don’t) of the skin.

Growth factors act as natural messenger proteins that allow communication between cells in our body. They are the control mechanism for all wound healing. One way in which they work is by repairing skin that is damaged from natural aging. As we age, our bodies produce lower levels of natural growth factors resulting in more breakdown of collagen. This is important for us, because collagen is the foundational support to the skin.

Topical skin care treatments that include epidermal growth factor (EGF) stimulate tissue regeneration and collagen production, by re-energizing waning cellular DNA synthesis, and triggering our skin’s natural ability to heal making it invaluable against premature aging.

  • They promote skin tissue repair and regeneration.
  • They promote the formation of collagen (as mentioned above), and elastic fibres which give the skin its softness and suppleness.
  • Synergistic interaction of multiple growth factors with other proteins in epidermis and dermis results in skin repair and regeneration.
  • Growth factors applied to the skin surface penetrate the epidermis and fertilise your skin.

Role of growth factors in aging process

Young skin is a marvel of repair and recovery. It stays smooth and resilient because it’s able to nourish and heal itself from the inside out. However, all that work doesn’t happen magically. In fact, growth factors are behind the skin’s incredible ability to heal itself.

As we age the growth factor levels in our bodies decrease. The consequence is skin damage and the visible signs of aging – fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, loss of elasticity and roughness.

Anti-aging skin care with epidermal growth factors (EGF)

Facial serums are an excellent method for delivering highly concentrated nutrients deep into the skin. Products that contain growth factors can help improve the appearance and health of the skin by evening out blotchiness, enhancing elasticity, minimizing surface roughness, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Growth factors included in skin care products include epidermal growth factor (EGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), and platelet derived growth factor (PDGF).

Epidermal Growth Factors are among the most remarkable as far as anti-aging and our skin’s overall well-being is concerned.

The discovery of EGF was so ground-breaking and revolutionary that it won Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Motalcini a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1986. This discovery forever changed the landscape of skin rejuvenation, particularly for the skin care savvy consumer wise enough to recognize the power of EGF. Whether you’re 30 or 65, you want skin care products that keep your skin looking healthy, youthful, and wrinkle-free. But how many skin care companies have a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient that’s proven to regenerate aging skin?

By using anti aging skin care products that include growth factors, you can stop or even reverse skin aging. Within a few weeks, skin will be softer and more elastic and fine lines and wrinkles will seem to disappear. Only one product can claim that you will see the first results within a few days of use.

Safety and efficacy of external application

There are several topical products containing growth factor available on the market today; however, choosing the right one is an important decision. Radiant RG-CELL uses bioengineered Growth Factor (Obtained by genetic engineering technology – recombinant human epidermal growth factor rh-EGF) versus plant or animal. Because of its recombinant technology rh-EGF it is identical to natural EGF and totally safe unlike other products that use animal derived stem cells.

Moreover, how many skin care products have the power to penetrate deep into the skin’s many layers and activate old and dormant stem cells naturally and restore your skin to a healthier, younger appearance? Only Radiant RG-CELL can claim that, because it uses Double-layered Nano-Encapsulation, a patented innovative and powerful technology.

EGF is a large molecule so it cannot penetrate the skin. In fact, it is too big to fit in between the spaces in cells of our skin. There is also speculation around the length of time, that it can remain stable in a formulation. Clinical studies and research are practically non-existent. Therefore, “buyer beware”: If you opt for using a product that contains EGF consider whether or not the mechanism of action employed to deliver the ingredient to the dermal layers, will actually work. It may be questionable whether the product can actually do what it claims to do in the absence of a specialized transport vehicle.

Radiant RG-CELL uses a unique patented nano-encapsulation technology as its delivery system. This improves the permeation and penetration efficiency of the active ingredients. Owing to this fact, Radiant RG-CELL can make valid claims about the efficiency in it’s delivery of EGF where it is needed the most. This technology also stabilizes the EGF thereby prolonging it’s shelf life in the actual product.

Many skin care products that contain growth factors do not also contain other beneficial ingredients, or chances are, if they do, they are not enough and are not used in a combined method that covers safety and efficacy. Topically applied EGF, without these counter–balancing cytokines, will call epidermal cells to proliferate thereby plumping the skin, but may not give the visual effects you desire.

EGF is extremely powerful and does exactly as the name suggests. Radiant RG-CELL however, is outstandingly unique, in that it has harnessed EGF’s power and balanced it with other cytokines, antioxidants, antiseptic and hydrating ingredients that truly, effectively and visibly combat aging at the cellular level.


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